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HEU Totally Enclosed Air Lift Bags are specially designed with cylindrical shape, can be used for buoyancy support and refloatation operation in shallow water and on the surface, support/salvage pontoons for bridges, floating platforms, dock gates, sunken objects or military equipment. But it cannot be used to raise objects from seabed. Totally enclosed air lift bags offer an effectual method of reducing the draught of vessel and floating underwater structures. It also can provide an ideal system of buoyancy for cable and static buoyancy support.

 A Standard Range of open bottom units for supporting and lifting loads from underwater. Their advanced design and careful construction ensures a safe and robust product which is universally accepted by marine contractors and salvor around the world. For vessel draft reduction and often to lighten underwater structures, their main application is for lifting vessels and other loads from the seabed to the surface. Design and manufactured in accordance with BV ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard & IMCA D016 REV3, 2007.

Other special requirements, please contact with us.

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