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HEU-TECH, offers waterbag load testing. Waterbags provide a flexible means for all forms of load testing or ballasting in lieu of traditional dead weights. In combination with a calibrated load cell, this system allows an economical and safe means of utilizing water for load testing. Practical applications for waterbag testing include, but are not limited to, cranes, davits, lifeboats, structures, ballasts, and counterweights. HEU-TECH waterbags can be utilized for any application in which a suspended load is preferred or required.  HEU-TECH Water bags are made of special material with quick-set water inlet , outlet assembly and sling assembly.

HEU-TECH water bags offers from1ton~ 100 tons single bag capacity.

Waterbags provide for safe working conditions. Waterbags are economical to use. Weighing approximately 2% of their rated capacity, transportation and storage costs are minimal as compared to conventional weights. Their lightweight characteristics allow for ease of handling and control resulting in minimum downtime for equipment being tested. HEU proof load test water weight bags are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management Standard and got BV type certificate.

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